Artistry, owned by Amway, is one of the top 5 prestige global beauty brands.

Amway approached SelectNY in 2004 to redesign the brand’s packaging.

Before commencing design work, we delved deeply into the philosophy, essence and history of the brand, and in so doing, began a partnership with Artistry that continues to this day.

Together, we have worked to unify and elevate every touch-point of the Artistry global brand.

We have created elegant and distinctive packaging and visual identities for all Artistry subsidiary lines which organized the portfolio and raised the brand’s prestige profile.

Additionally, we created and executed a consumer print campaign for the launch of Artistry’s super-premium offering in Asia — Creme L/X — featuring actress Sandra Bullock.

Ultimately, we helped Amway articulate a positioning, essence, image and purpose for the entire Artistry brand, producing visual identities, imagery, layouts and brand guides which are utilized by Artistry / Amway’s marketers across the globe.

From this position, we continue to elevate and help steer innovation in concept, packaging and product development across the brand.



Davidoff Fragrances is a powerful worldwide brand license for Coty Prestige, and the second biggest pillar within the division. The fragrance house was born and built upon the legendary Cool Water fragrance in 1988, which revolutionized the fragrance industry. Cool Water was a pioneer in the freshness trend, and the first to dive into and leverage our innate emotional connection to the ocean.

After almost 20 years of strong collaboration with SelectNY the Cool Water pillar has remained in the top 10.

Considered as an icon of success by the fragrance industry, the brand has today built four fragrance pillars: Cool Water, Hot Water, Adventure and Silver Shadow.

Our iconic campaigns have included headline-creating endorsements from celebrities such as Ewan McGregor, Laird Hamilton, Josh Holloway, Evangeline Lilly and recently Paul Walker.



In 2013, Macy’s chose SelectNY to create, cast and produce a beauty campaign for television featuring such iconic brands as Dior and Lancome.

In 2014, SelectNY created holiday retail cheer once again with Macy’s Star Magic, a fantastic TV and digital campaign centering around Macy’s Star Gifts, exclusive merchandise specially designed for the gift-giving season. Taking a ‘prestige without pretension’ approach, we kept the iconic spirit of Macy’s alive, while elevating its image to support the prestige brands it carries.





Lancaster has been a prestige skincare brand since it was founded in Monaco in 1947.

Having launched its first complete product range of sun care in 1971, Lancaster has been an expert in sun protection and skin specialist for decades.

After more than 10 years of collaboration with SelectNY, thanks to campaigns that key into its heritage, prestige and scientific excellence, Lancaster – part of the Coty stable of brands – has achieved the status of a global skin care brand, and is number one in Europe for sun care!

Well known for its scientific innovation, and constant product improvement in search of beauty, the Lancaster line features, among its many notables, such as: Lancaster Suractif, Lancaster 365 Cellular Elixir, Lancaster Wrinkle Lab, Lancaster Retinology, Lancaster Skin Therapy, and a complete range of Lancaster sun care products.



Frederic Fekkai, the originator of the prestige haircare segment, had gone through many changes during its life as a brand. As a result, on the cusp of its 20th anniversary, the star had lost its luster. A once-coveted name had become an unknown.

We were doubly challenged: to re-launch the brand at mass – and to do so in a way that justified a prestige pricepoint. We began by creating The Legend Film which established a game-changing superlative platform: The Most Privileged Hair In The World. Which allowed us to position the products as the ultimate visceral luxury, and Frederic himself as the French Provocateur.

Executionally, the call to action, Let Luxury Go To Your Head – with its experiential beauty visualizations and addictively sensorial product dramatizations – integrated communication from site to store to shelf.

Our digital initiative is designed to bring out the Femme Fekkai in a woman. And it’s working.

A legend was given life in the now. And Fekkai evolved from person to presence; from master to mover.





Sebastian believes that our individualities are far too colorful to lock into one look.

That’s why they never stand still, always think ahead, feel forward, look further, stir up the norm, rise above “the conform.” For unlimited re-invention in hair and styling or “un-vention” as they like to call it… Sebastian. What’s next.



A fresh and revitalizing wind is blowing over Wella, bringing a vibrant new energy to the brand.

As guardian of the Wella brand equities, SelectNY partners with P&G, to relentlessly pursue benchmark category solutions for the brand’s professional and retail businesses.

Through numerous seasonal campaigns, and 360 initiatives, we continue to elevate the beauty category to ever higher standards.

SelectNY not only creates all global campaigns and communications, but also manages local adaptation work for the brand through its role as the lead agency in the Interpartners network of independent agencies around the world.



“I love to stay German and become a cosmopolitan at the same time. I prefer to leave generously patterned than small minded.”

Wolfgang Joop, the visionary man behind the brand.

Joop! fragrance was born in 1987, a collaboration between Coty and Wolfgang Joop-influential fashion designer with a restless spirit, agent provocateur, polarizing and vibrant.

Every fragrance created is based on “provocative energy with a twist”, the DNA of the brand.

SelectNY and Joop! fragrances is a long love history with the huge success of Joop! Homme, the main pillar of the brand that has remained in the Top 10 men’s fragrance in Germany and UK during its 20 years of provocative seduction.





After the successful launch of the Roberto Cavalli signature fragrance in 2011, Cavalli collaborated with SelectNY again for the launch of its new Just Cavalli fragrance line.

A unique communication platfrom was built for women who carry the essence of the Just Cavalli brand symbolized by the ‘Just Cavalli bite’. A snake-like mark of destiny that magnetically attracts and reunites beings that are fated to be together, in a story of seduction and animal attraction.

The campaign, perfectly incarnated by the striking style icon Georgia May Jagger, was photographed by Mario Sorrenti and directed by Jonas Akerlund, hitting stores in early 2013.



Probably the most iconic name in hairdressing…

From Vidal Sassoon’s revolutionary 5-point cut in the 60s to his avant-garde approach to color in the 80s, Sassoon has been at the forefront of the industry from the start.

To this day, Sassoon stands for the ultimate in hair design with the most advanced techniques, products and education.

The brand remains true to its original philosophy of designing a cut and color to suit and enhance each person’s individual beauty.



SelectNY was chosen by Elizabeth Arden to develop the launch campaign for Taylor Swift’s 3rd fragrance, Taylor by Taylor Swift, launching July 2013.

Leaving behind the traditional fragrance world of fantasy, romance, seduction and boys, this breakthrough campaign takes fragrance advertising in a new direction, celebrating Taylor as a self-confessed “girl’s girl” who loves to hang with her friends.

The campaign idea was sparked by Taylor talking about where she is in her life now, and by the lyrics to her latest music — it’s less about daydreams and fantasy and more about her new reality. About who she is in her 20’s trying to figure out, with her friends, how to live life.

We wanted to create a true sense of authenticity and intimacy, so Taylor invited three of her real girl friends to be in the film, featuring her own song, “Starlight.” 18mm and Super 8 were used to create the impression of a handheld camera wielded by a friend.

The film will be released in three parts to create a sense of anticipation and a real connection with the brand among fans and viewers.

The film and print were shot by Alasdair McLellan, one of today’s most acclaimed fashion photographers. Beyond TV and print, the campaign will have an impactful presence in digital and social media.



Amway, our client partner since 2004, assigned us to consolidate and re-launch their best-selling green home care product line under a single global brand name, Legacy of Clean.

Prior to that point, it had been sold in various countries under a range of brand names.

Confronting consumer perceptions that green products lack efficacy, and leveraging the fact that the brand had been authentically green since its inception in 1959, we developed a unique positioning and brand identity for the brand – “Positively Clean” – which served to highlight the Amway’s heritage of safe, planet-positive products with high-performance benefits.

Under this streamlined program, we created a targeted communications plan as well as new packaging and a Brand Standards book to guide Amway marketers in bringing the brand’s “Positively Clean” ethos to life through print, online-digital, and collateral.











Diamonds by Emporio Armani was to be one of the most significant fragrance launches in recent years.

It was clear we had to create impactful campaigns for both the women’s and men’s fragrances, something that would capture the new dynamic of the Armani line while being true to its elegant roots.

The worldwide spectacular holistic campaigns featured Beyonce for the women’s line and Josh Hartnett for the men’s. Supported by these two huge stars, the fragrances were released to wide acclaim, prompting significant PR buzz.








Douglas has been passionately committed to beauty for 100 years. Having started as a small soap store, it has consistently grown to become Europe’s leading perfumery chain, with 14,000 employees in over 1,200 subsidiaries.

The downside to this rapid expansion was the eroding of a healthy and impressive brand nimbus – Douglas came to be seen as a vast-and-fast-turnaround warehouse, an unattractive perception that compromised the brand’s soft and female facets, and the outstanding advisory skills offered at POS.

To recapture the romance of the brand’s heritage, SelectNY developed a campaign to re-emotionalize Douglas.

Based on the big idea “Dialogue of Beauty” a holistic Europe-wide campaign was launched in 2009, presenting Douglas as an empathetic, sensitive accomplice that knows the secret wishes of the individual customer, acutely aware of what’s going on in her mind, the questions she asks herself, finding in Douglas, a source in ongoing dialogue; leaving no question unanswered, no wish unmet.
















The all-American fashion brand successfully steered into new waters in both men’s and women’s fragrances thanks to SelectNY’s vision and ability to deliver striking imagery and messaging that stands out in a sea of same. By fusing the sailing-centric DNA of the sportswear brand with the sensorial codes of fragrance, SelectNY and COTY successfully translated an active, sporty lifestyle into highly emotional fragrance classics.

Since 2005, our approach has been to dramatize the alluring relationship between man and the sea – and with each new launch by COTY, we strive to take the Nautica brand to new horizons and blur the line between real life hero and icon. That’s how true legends are made.





When Hugo Boss asked us to reinvent their underwear packaging system, we were challenged to lift the brand out of the sea of sameness that is inherent in the category.

Together with partner Joe Doucet Studio, we conceived the packaging as a three-dimensional space with the model in three overlapping poses covering all surfaces.

This approach, for the first time, allowed potential buyers to see the product from all angles, minimizing confusion and return of retail purchases.

SelectNY also created the packaging imagery for all 3 brand lines, as well as a launch campaign shot by Alex Cayley, featuring Jamie Dornan.















As one of America’s most successful, global fashion brands, Calvin Klein has always been on the cutting edge of cool. After all, ck one was one of the most iconic fragrance launches in the 1990s, setting record-breaking sales.

So when SelectNY was given the challenge of helping to launch ckin2u, a sequel targeting the sought-after 20-something, ultra-hip “millennial” generation, we delivered a sexy campaign that reflected on the target-market’s urbanity and technical prowess.

With a campaign and collateral materials shot by Inez van Lamsweerde, ckin2u fragrances for him and for her launched in 2008, quickly becoming a benchmark for the brand’s fragrances.





With a 157-year history, Tissot is a major player in the global watch industry. Together with SelectNY Paris / Geneva, Tissot has launched a revolutionary global advertising campaign, which reinstates glamor and desirability to the Tissot brand, while communicating a message of making excellence accessible.

The Idea: Fusing “substance” (Swiss craftsmanship) and “style” (a truly appealing watch design).

The Implementation: A striking print and online campaign shot by Jeff Burton, capturing amongst others sport star Danica Patrick in real-life scenarios.

The Unique: By showing in plain view the cost of each watch, we rewrote the watch advertising rulebook

The Payoff: Appealing directly to potential customers, and bringing to life Tissot’s enduring commitment to making excellence accessible.

Today, Tissot is still leading the way with a truly modern approach in advertising. It’s all part of their evolution, which stems from a longstanding belief that they were and always will be the “Innovators by Tradition.”





Triumph International is one of the world’s leading brands in lingerie and intimate apparel for men and women – ranging from the sexy and slinky to high-performance sportswear.

With names including Triumph, sloggi, Valisère and HOM, the company distributes its products in over 120 countries worldwide.

This is a crowded arena, and one in which competitors usually decide to either “go full-glamor” or “not-so-sexy comfort” in their communications.

For Triumph International, SelectNY has created campaigns that bridge sexiness, elegance and comfort to maximize appeal across the category.





In 2009, SelectNY worked with Amway to concept, develop and launch a global, premium beauty brand for the highly fragmented mass market.

We identified trends and opportunities for a new brand in the existing competitive landscape to ensure this new brand would be relevant, unique, and clearly differentiated from Artistry — Amway’s prestige beauty brand.

We developed brand concepts that were tested across the globe, leading ultimately to BeautyCycle, a skincare and color cosmetics brand inspired by nature’s elements.

SelectNY designed a complete visual identity, brand standards, and support communications to support the launch.

The BeautyCycle brand successfully launched in Europe in the first quarter of 2010 and will continue to roll out globally through a managed program.

The Amway corporation and community of independent business owners praised the launch for its incredible speed-to-market and consistent focus on the consumer’s needs.





While the Radisson brand pioneered the first hospitality service program, Yes I Can!, the brand had fallen silent in the cluttered hospitality landscape. Initially known as a classic business hotel, Radisson BLU has transformed and reached their goal of taking a top-position in the 4-star-plus market. Radisson BLU has become one of the leading hotel chains in Europe, Middle East and Africa.

Yes I Can! has always been the core of Radisson BLU’s service-mentality, accurately reflecting the employees’ genuine philosophy and the brand’s culture of pro-active hospitality service. SelectNY re-rooted the brand in a modern yet mindful insight that the 21st century traveler needs Travel Empathy. By creating a vibrant, contemporary and engaging brand identity and language both inside and outside the hotels, SelectNY’s work has not only made its mark in the hospitality sector, the brand has been recognized internationally.

In 2009, Radisson Blu was the most preferred hotel chain in the Nordics, with around 2 in 5 business travelers preferring to use the brand.

At the 2009 TUR industry event — one of the leading Scandinavian trade fairs for travel, tourism, and conferences — Radisson Blu Hotels & Resorts won the Best Travel Award and the Best Hotel Chain in EMEA for Nordic business travelers.

Named World’s Best Airport Hotels by Forbes Traveler in 2008.

In 2007, Radisson Blu ranked highest in the J.D. Power and Associates’ European Guest Satisfcation Index.

In 2007, Radisson Blu was awarded the “Top 5 Hotel Chains in the Middle East” by the Business Travellers Awards.

In both 2006 and 2007 Radisson BLU was ranged #1 in J.D. Powers European Hotel Guest Satisfaction



Greenpeace describes its mission to fight for the planet with these words: “Greenpeace exists because this fragile earth needs a voice. It needs solutions. It needs change. It needs action.”

Greenpeace needs people to support them on this – worldwide.

We, at SelectNY, developed a campaign for the fundraising department of Greenpeace Germany.

The objective was to refresh Greenpeace’s image and overcome the misconception of “purposeless activism” by enabling the public to realize that Greenpeace was / is not only pointing the finger at the bad guys, but was / is also part of the solution.

Through the campaign “Freaks?” – with the typical protest banner as an iconic graphic element – Greenpeace dramatized one of its crucial success principles.

Re-presented in a re-thought activist-design, Greenpeace Germany adopted – to absurdity – the prejudices of their detractors, and beat them at their own game!



Operating in more than 40 countries, the World Wildlife Fund is the world’s leading independent environmental organization. More than 5 million supporters worldwide enable the organization to continue saving biodiversity and natural habitats for future generations.

From 2004 to 2008 SelectNY.Berlin developed the annual donation campaign for the German division of the WWF. The aim was not to make people donate by extracting pity for a cute, endangered animal, or by “guilting” the public with doomsday scenarios.

Rather, the aim of SelectNY.Berlin was to inspire the donating public to understand that there is a fragile interdependence within the whole ecosystem – a system of which, each of us is a part.

In 2008 the classic-media campaign was accompanied by a TVC that was especially targeting a young audience. MTV and VIVA aired the TVC pro bono.